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Welcome to the Dowsland Media Website. This site is designed as an educational tool to help schools, colleges, academic institutions and students with regard to Computing and IT related subjects.This site will be a portal or gateway to your Computing education and will help you teach or learn Computing / ICT subjects in the most efficient and effective manner.

In order to navigate this site you have two choices. You can either use the drop down menu that runs accross the top of the screen or if you are using a tablet or mobile device then you can click on the picture of a smart phone which will then take you to the appropriate menu. For example if you clicked on the smart phone underneath the CAM TECH menu this will take you to the CAM TECH page where you can select a unit of work and so on.

This site will be divided into 3 main section which are:
KS3 (KeyStage3)
KS4 (KeyStage4)
Cam Tech (OCR Cambridge Technicals)

You can gain access to the 3 main sections of the website using the icons below:

KS3 Button
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Key Stage 3 (Y7 - Y9) Key Stage 4 (Y10 - Y11) Key Stage 5 (Y12 - Y13)

The site is currently in development and will be expanding to cover many aspects of the curriculum from KS3 to KS5. Simply use the drop down menus above to navigate and select the curriculum area of your choice.